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Monday, February 23rd, 2009
12:16 am
25 things
1.) My first word was "flower".

2.) As a child, I would rarely keep my clothing on, especially when I was playing outside.

3.) When we were kids, my brother and I used to always want to use the jingly knife at dinner.

4.) I was the geek who won all the awards at high school graduation, and then I didn't go to my prom.

5.) I was inspired to go into physics by reading Richard Feynman's biography in the library while the rest of my class learned calculus that i'd already taught myself.

6.) I have degrees in math and philosophy.

7.) I took tai chi lessons for a year and stopped because I got good at it and scared myself.

8.) I spent a lot of time going places I wasn't supposed to be in university, such as steam tunnels. To do that, I used to be able to pick 5 pin locks, but haven't kept it up as a skill.

9.) I visited my brother in Kensington Market in Toronto and got myself locked out on his fire escape. No one was home and I had to climb down a drain pipe to get back in the building. This was the first thing I climbed, other than trees.

10.) I once lived for a week on a small pile of change when I learned that "the check will clear in 30 days" means 30 business days, not 30 calendar days.

11.) My appendix perforated on St Patrick's day 2005.

12.) I used to have a pool table in my living room.

13.) I've been doing yoga for almost 10 years, and it brings me a lot of joy.

14.) I have worked for 2 startups and will definitely do it again (but will not repeat #10 above).

15.) I learned to scuba dive, but had more fun scrambling over rocks on the shore than I had in the water.

16.) When I moved to Seattle, one of the things I missed most were the nesting teak end tables that as a kid I'd learned to draw at that my dad oiled and gave to me when I left home.

17.) I've made a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of having kids and made what I consider to be the simple decision not to.

18.) At times in the past, I have had bad credit only because I hate reading my physical mail.

19.) I don't make decisions unless I'm forced to, and I secretly appreciate anything that makes me decide.

20.) I still have the first piece of furniture my parents bought when they got married: their kitchen table.

21.) One of my favourite books is A Pattern Language, and I constantly want to redesign my world to contain many more of the beautiful, functional and human patterns that it describes.

22.) I really enjoy cooking, although I rarely do it.

23.) I often enjoy silence more than music. If I listen to music, I want to experience it, not have it on in the background.

24.) I used to be terrified of causing change in the world, and now I'm growing terrified of not.

25.) I am more interested in who I'm becoming than in who I have been.
Monday, June 23rd, 2008
11:41 pm
the 15 min revolution
Hypothesis: the corporate world would be a hell of a lot more productive if the default meeting length in outlook were 15 min (or if it were easy to schedule a 15 min meeting).

Since a lot of my meetings (and I have a ton of them) are with only a couple of people, 30 min -- the shortest meeting length that's easy to schedule -- is always sufficient and usually long. 15 min is long enough to understand an issue, evaluate tradeoffs and decide, that is, as long as everyone has prepped, is on time and is willing to focus on making the decision.

Scheduling 30 min creates a lot of deadspace in my (very full) schedule that I want to compress, but futzing with outlook to convince it that I actually do want a 15 min meeting is frustrating.

So, does any one know a way to change the default meeting length in outlook 2007? Google couldn't find it, and it doesn't seem to be burried anywhere in the options. Is there a registry setting?
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
11:49 pm

dragos, originally uploaded by bitmask.

11:42 pm
Sunday, May 4th, 2008
11:33 am

nausicaa, originally uploaded by bitmask.

11:33 am

gerberas, originally uploaded by bitmask.

11:31 am
camera store

camera store, originally uploaded by bitmask.

Today, I bought a new lens for my canon dslr. 85mm f1.8. This was the guy who sold it to me. I put the lens on my camera, looked up and shot this. Unsurprisingly he seemed very used to having his photo taken.

Monday, April 28th, 2008
9:32 pm

eyes, originally uploaded by bitmask.

this week's theme? Things with eyes.

Saturday, April 26th, 2008
11:31 pm

skateboard, originally uploaded by bitmask.

found this when i went out walking today

Friday, April 25th, 2008
11:19 pm
hawaiian s[hk]irt friday

hawaiian s[hk]irt friday, originally uploaded by bitmask.

feeling a lot better today. yesterday, paul declared that it was to be hawaiian shirt friday! So i put on my hawaiian shirt and decided it was too not safe for work, so I just wore the skirt.

11:19 pm

drugs, originally uploaded by bitmask.

still sick. came home from work early today too and a cute now orange haired girl came by to drop off some ibuprofen for me -- and in fact it was also orange.

11:18 pm
the orange section

the orange section, originally uploaded by bitmask.

still sick. i have some orange books.

11:17 pm

bowling, originally uploaded by bitmask.

this week's theme: orange!

11:15 pm
baked beans

baked beans, originally uploaded by bitmask.

i had a huge craving for baked beans so I attempted to make some. my recipe called for 'haricot beans' which confused me because I thought haricot was french for beans. I finally settled on 'great northern beans' which turned out to be close enough.

11:13 pm
roasted tomatoes

roasted tomatoes, originally uploaded by bitmask.

this week's theme is: things I made.
(actually last week because by now i didn't post photos last week)

Sunday, April 13th, 2008
8:29 pm

excess, originally uploaded by bitmask.

Printed photos today, and hung them up. They were 8.5x11 and the frames were a practical 7x9.5. I made this out of the excess that I trimmed off. I think I like it.

8:04 pm
Passed 100 photos recently (April 9). 100 continuous days of taking a photo! I don't think it's making me take better photos, just more photos. Pictures, really. I'm taking shots of stuff just because it's there and I need to take a photo. I'm not making art. The purpose was to spend a small amount of time every day concentrating on composition, colour, juxtapositon, something to make my brain happier. I think i'm going to start adding weekly themes to make the project more interesting.

Over a month without drinking coffee! 36 days. 12 days with no caffeine at all and my migraines are much less intense and infrequent for it. I really really miss coffee. Today I had my first cup of decaf to figure out if it's caffeine or all the other stuff in the coffee that gives me problems. And I'll never know. Decaf sucks. I still miss my tasty bitter morning drink. Now trying various caffeine replacement herbal things.

10 months of recording everything I eat. Working on ways to import and store all the data so I can generate graphs etc. The graphing and transformation software is done, it's the data entry that's the bitch..

Nearly two years in Seattle. I still wonder wtf i'm here, but I don't want to leave anymore. Though I do miss a friendly "you're welcome".
10:02 am

bryn, originally uploaded by bitmask.

10:01 am

face, originally uploaded by bitmask.

this moves, as if it's talking. it's disconcerting. made me think of the head in Neuromancer.

9:57 am

books, originally uploaded by bitmask.

Rich gave me these books as a farewell (he's leaving Amazon).

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